Bohomoon Review


So I ordered a ring and a mystery bag from the British shop Bohomoon a few days ago and finally got my order!

I ordered it in the beginning February, and received the order ten days later, which I must say I was really pleased with. The shipping wasn’t too expensive and with different codes to apply (search for their Facebook page or Instagram account if you want a 20% off deal or something similar) it came around to 30.99 pounds.

The Goodie bag lucky dip I choose was for 30 GBP, meaning that it would contain jewellery for 60 GBP. On top of that I also bought a midi-ring for (called: bloom midi ring), for 2.5 GBP.

These all came in a cute envelope with a bunch of small bags where each accessory were protected in and separated them from each other, making sure no tangles I suppose. The bags are really cute too and I really love that it seemed hand picked as each piece had it’s own bag or pocket inside the bag.


First pic is of the ring i bought.



I chose the option ”small” on the mystery goodie bag, but the rings were still a bit too big (which I expected since my fingers are super thin). I got some pieces that I know that I won’t wear since it’s not my style, but I think my sister will love them instead c:


I love the eye of Horus that’s imprinted on both sides so you don’t have to worry about flipping while wearing it.

These are my favourite rings that I got however. They are so cute and I love the stones and the design!

This beautiful necklace was also inside the mystery bag


I feel like this necklace would be good with layering too, but definitely not my style sadly.


This one makes me feel like a witch wearing it B) Not my style once again, a bit too big but might use it for halloween? Or if I find a good outfit that I can use this with.


Once again, not my style though I like to layer bracelets. I usually find bracelets too big no matter which loop I use to clasp. But yeah, it’s fine I’ll probably give them away


This is me wearing all the rings ^^

Ok, so overall I really liked this website and I would recommend it to everyone who love rings and bohemian jewellery. If I ever want more accessories like this, I’ll definitely consider this store again!



Spring- 2016

We all already know that the basics for spring-time. Pastel colours, military greens, denim etc. But what’s new for this year, is baggy clothes that’s still in this year, just as stripes was too.

80’s is deadly in and anything with stripes, a turtleneck, high waist, cuffed parts, or something that shows a lot of shoulders, is a safe card.





Accessorise… You can’t go overboard with them and STONES.

Summer (korean inspired) outfits 2015

So this is just a list with pictures of some trendy things that I’ve noticed during the summer.

So first off, you’ve probably already seen this off-shoulder summer top. H&M had it and a bunch of other stores too. Not only is it great for the hot weather, but white also brings your tan out more (which sadly isn’t that popular in S. Korea).

Second, long shirts have been a major hit this summer. Basically everything baggy has been popular. Stripes, is also one of the patterns this year.


Just like this T-shirt.


Plaid/ check whatever you call it, has also changed style. From a typical pleated and plaid skirt, to this more simple and sophisticated lines.


Yellow is also back for the summer. Well, summer and autumn is the seasons of yellow, and this is a great way to create a nice dash of colour in a normal outfit.


This bag doesn’t look real, but it’s a strong trend, real or not. Melanie Martinez who’s one of the most funky dressed, according to me, has been seen wearing this a lot.

Egg, banana, cats and milk-cartons are the prints you’re after on your t-shirts.



Mommy’s old jeans has never been more popular. This is a must have.


Oversized shirts as I said before… Rly popular, but sometime’s a bit difficult to style.


I gotta admit that I like the Oxfords trend, but I unfortunately look horrible in them. A pair of lace socks is a nice way to piff up these trendy shoes.



Sandals with chunky heels, or just platforms, are HOT. Cute, edgy and fashionable.


Top k-pop slaying voices

This is my personal top 10 list over all the k-pop artists that I think have an amazing voice.

1. Exo -Chen

If I only was able to hear one voice for the rest of my life, I’d choose this guy’s. The high notes, the… everything *^* words can’t describe how much I love Chen’s voice.

2. BTS -V

V has a wonderful voice. A bit raspy, like a smokers CX But so hot though!

3. K.will

K.will is probably my number one favourite solo artists. Really good live, and has a calming voice that suits his songs.

4. (Togeworl) -Lim Kim

Lim Kim’s voice sounds so cool! A bit jazzy and sexy, which has its limits when it comes to changers though…

5. 2ne1 -CL

The queen CL. She’s a very good raper and singer with lots and lots of swagggggg.

6. Block B -Zico

It’s nearly a tie between Block B’s Zico and BTS’s Rap Monster. They are both really talented, but for better or worse, Zico has the never ending bad boy charisma.

7. B.A.P -Yongguk

That deep dark voice that makes all the fan girls swoon. Yongguk has it!

8. Infinite -Dongwoo

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Dongwoo’s voice that I love sooo much. It could be the mix of his sexy and full kind of voice that I like, but well well CX

9. TVXQ -Max (Changmin)

The high notes ❤ His high notes, especially in this song, is to die for.

10. Jung Yup

Not 100% sure if I can put the label ”k-pop” on his songs, but he still has an amazing voice and is too good to be true live.

Spy the movie (2015)

Så vad har jag gjort idag? Tja, såg precis en förhandsvisning på den nya filmen Spy som kommer ut på bio juni den femte.

Jag måste erkänna att jag inte brukar gilla komedier så mycket, men eftersom att det var gratis (och ingick popcorn!) så tänkte jag ge den en chans. Jag tycker att filmen var väldigt rolig, och jag tror att de övriga femtio personerna i salongen också tyckte det ^^ En fin bladning av action och komedi som drog de perfecta skämten.

Den här trailern väckte mitt intresse för filmen. Rekommenderar filmen strakt!

4 av 5

Kpop artists that can pull of pink/ purple hair

Pink hair

B1A4- Baro. You just gotta love that cotton candy hair 😉

Girls generation- Sunny. I really liked this hairstyle on Sunny. It shows that you still can look feminine and cute in short hair.

Spica- Jiwon. A really pretty shade of pink if you ask me. Suits perfectly with her fashion style ^^

Purple hair

Sistar- Bora. Gotta love those high lights. Like a true popstar B)


Teen top- L.Joe. This boy have been spotted with different shades of purple, and I’m not sure this shade is my favourite, but I do like it ^^

Beast-Junhyung. He looks really handsome with this hair colour. Junhyung was also looking very cute with his glasses and his lavender purple hair on weekly idol ><

Top 15 k-pop mv’s

This is obviously my list over my top 15 k-pop videos ^^ It’s only based on the vibe the music video gives of. This is list is NOT based by the lyrics in the video and the video, but only on the video. The feeling the song gives together with the mv is counted though.

Number 15: F.cuz- No.1

I remember watching this mv and really loving it. Ah… Memories~

Number 14: F(x)- Danger

Really like this mv actually c: The clothes, the theme etc. I don’t get it why so many people dislike it…

Number 13: Orange caramel- My copy cat

A really funny mv with some amazing shirts cx

Number 12: PSY- Gangnam style

You can say what you want about PSY, but you must admit that this mv actually is funny!

Number 11: Super Junior- This is love

THIS is what you call a cool mv.

Number 10: Nicole ft (2am) Jinwoon- Lost

(Couldn’t find a HD ver. for the Japanese TT___TT)

Lee Jungsuk *sigh* Mr. handsome made this mv worth watching over and over again.

Number 9: Piggy Dolls- Ordinary girl

Really like the thing they did with the magazines. Really cool.

Number 8: Boyfriend- Bounce

Hey! It’s Alice in Wonderland! Your argument is invalid.

Number 7: LEDApple- Let the wind blow

I’d say that this is a very interesting concept. K-pop idols treated as robots…

Number 6: Infinite- The Chaser

I ❤ this mv. The spinning car, the backgrounds, the clothes, the light-smashing-thing.

Number 5: 2ne1- Come back home

This mv made me realise that I love the sci-fi feel some mv’s have ^^

Number 4: JYJ- In heaven

This is like a mix between a mv and a k-drama. I love it X__X

Number 3: BTS- N.O

Another really cool mv. Pretty simple, but with some really asdfghjkl parts x3 Feels like it have some ”hidden” message to Korea.

Number 2: Vixx- Error

Great song, and I L.O.V.E the theme. Plus hey, it’s Youngji from Kara! The special effects are really something too.

Number 1: Exo (K&M)- Mama

This is the mv among mv’s. This is honestly the coolest music video I’ve ever seen in my life. J’ adore ❤